Speech Recognition Tool

This utility is a speech/voice to text reader. What does it mean? It means that you can just dictate a text and it will be written without lifting a finger.

It has the following features:

  • Free and online
  • No downloads, installation or registration. Cross-platform
  • Multi-language support
  • You can pause or stop dictation (it saves the position of the last word)
  • Recognizes voice commands for inserting punctuation: for example, say "Comma" and it will type ","
  • Smart capitalization
  • You can save, copy, print or send the dictated text.

Whom is this tool for?

The Speech Recognition tool is for people who have problems with health: eyes and/or back. You can just dictate even laying on the sofa with your eyes resting.

Also this tool is for people that type slowly or just lazy to do that:)

The website is adapted to the needs of people who are blind or vision-impaired. Using Tab, you can change between buttons, and the browser will say the name of every button. Recording can be initiated with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D.


The following problems might occur:

  • Hardware problem with the microphone
  • The browser doesn't support speech recognition (latest version of Chrome does support it)
  • Permission for accessing the microphone is not granted
  • The browser listens to the wrong microphone

To solve microphone permission issues, click on the small camera icon in the browser's address bar (will appear after you click on the play button), and set there the permission to allow the use of microphone, and pick the correct microphone from the dropdown list.

If you have other issues, please contact us describing the problem in detail.