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Accurate transcription of your audio or video file thanks to our transcription software.

Get accurate audio transcription or video transcription of your files thanks to our online automatic transcription service. Sign up now to unlock your free credit!

Free online speech to text : type with your voice.

Have you ever thought to use your voice to transcribe everything you want to be typed out?
You can do it with our free speech to text online tool.

Click on start dictation and allow our voice to text software to use your microphone.
Start to dictate what you want to say. Watch as the online voice transcription offers live transcribing of your message.

How can you use our free speech to text online software?

  1. Click on Start Dictation.
  2. Allow our Speech to Text software to use your microphone.
  3. Start dictating.

Recording can also be initiated with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D.
Doesn’t work for you? Make sure you are using Google Chrome browser.

Why should you use our free speech to text online software?

It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s totally free. Our speech to text / speech recognition software makes it easier than ever to turn your voice and diction into typed-out transcriptions. Our functional software allows you the chance to start dictation, save your transcription as a text, save your voice transcription as a word document, print your transcription, send by email, and more.

Using our transcription and voice to text recognition tool, you can dictate a text and see it typed out all.

Which features does this online voice to text software offer?

This talk to text feature provides a clear transcript, allows you to save text, and acts as a voice transcription. This tool is free and online so you can access it from anywhere, it recognizes key voice commands. It provides perfect functionality for professionals, teachers, students and more for high-quality voice typing online to increase productivity.

  • Free and online
  • No downloads, installation, or registration
  • Supports Multi-language
  • You can pause or stop dictation and our software will pause where you left off and hold your place
  • Recognizes voice commands for inserting punctuation: for example, say "Comma" and it will type ","
  • Smart capitalization
  • You can save, copy, print, or send the dictated text
  • You can use it on your computer, tablet or mobile device

What are the benefits of voice to text?

Some of the benefits of voice to text might seem obvious, and right off the bat, it’s simple to see why a free voice to text software might be useful. However, this program offers many more benefits that you might not have considered.

With our voice to text tool, you can experience seamless ease of communication, quick document turnaround, and course, flexibility for your work. Why take the time to type out your grand ideas when you can quickly capture them through our voice to text tool?

Ever have a great idea you can’t wait to type out but once you get the chance to type it out, you’ve forgotten the idea? Or further, have you ever constructed a great sentence in your head, but by the time you’ve pulled up a document to type it out, your brain has totally switched up the order? It happens to all of us. But with our speech to text tool, you simply speak into our software and record the idea without lifting a finger! Then, simply print the transcription, save it as a text, or save it as an email or word document

But that’s not all, there’s a long list of benefits that voice to text tools can offer! For example, voice to text software can:

  • Help you save time : a speech recognition tool can cut your time in half when compared to typing out something on a document
  • Multitask: this is a must for busy individuals
  • Make fewer errors: when you type something out, it’s possible to make errors and fail to capture an idea well. With a voice to text converter, you can capture the emotion, message, and grammatically correct transcription straight from your diction.
  • Make working and communicating on your smartphone easier than ever: our program works with iPhone, Android, tablets, and more: just open it with Chrome.Guarantee a secure pathway for your information: it goes from our transcription service to the next location you assign (as a text, word document, printed document, etc.).
  • Streamline a tedious job.
  • Increase and enhance workflow and visibility, allowing for easier management of projects and increased turnarounds.

What exactly is speech recognition?

A speech recognition tool, otherwise called an automatic speech recognition tool, a speech to text software, or online speech recognition tools, are softwares that are designed to offer a live transcription of a live dictation with your voice. These types of tools do not require any typing or physical effort.

They operate solely based on the user’s voice and then offer a typed out or written out version of that dictation. While most speech to text programs work differently than others, typically they offer live, instantaneous speech recognition transcription.

Who uses speech to text also known as voice typing?

Speech recognition tools are a useful addition for most people. In other words, almost anyone who wants to use a speech to text software will easily see the benefits of them almost instantly.

This tool is built to help enhance productivity for professionals who can save time by typing faster notes, taking more efficient and effective meeting notes, creating thorough to-do lists, and dictating on the go.

Many people benefit from using the voice typing and talk to text feature. This is a useful talk to text tool for professionals, teachers and students looking to excel. It can enhance the ability to take accurate class notes, be a true game changer for thesis statement work, enhance vocabulary, and improve just about any type of writing or speaking someone might do.

Dictation is an assistive technology and we are thrilled to help thousands of people around the globe everyday who struggle with writing. This speech recognition tool is helping people facing dysgraphia, dyslexia and other learning and thinking differences that impact writing. Blind or vision impaired people also find it helpful.

Speak to text allows you to write with your voice instead of writing by hand or with a keyboard. Speech to text software is designed to make typing easier than ever by only requiring a voice to transcribe dictation.

Speech to text or voice typer helps those who are interested in keeping their concentration and workflow going without distractions, those who are physically impaired, and those who simply enjoy the convenience of not having to type or write out their thoughts.

Online Dictation vs. Speech to Text Tools : what’s the difference?

Users read or hear about two different types of software or tools known as online dictation and speech to text programs. While these two terms are used interchangeably, many are wondering if there’s a difference between the two. In most cases, this isn’t so. Typically online dictation tools and speech to text tools fall into the same category and do the same things. Other times, however, the difference lies in how that live dictation is accomplished.

With speech to text programs, it’s essentially a guarantee that the program is a tool run by automated intelligence. In other words, there is no live person helping with this dictation. While this is often the case in online dictation tools too, sometimes online dictation can be referred to a real person offering dictation services online.

Speech recognition tool troubleshooting

The following problems might occur:

  • The browser doesn't support speech recognition : the latest version of Chrome does.
    We highly recommend you to use Chrome.
  • Hardware problem with the microphone : make sure your computer has detected your microphone.
  • Permission for accessing the microphone is not granted.
    Allow our Speech Recognition tool to have access to your microphone.
  • The browser listens to the wrong microphone.
    To solve microphone permission issues, click on the small camera icon in the browser's address bar (will appear after you click on the start dictation button), and set there the permission to allow the use of microphone, and pick the correct microphone from the dropdown list.

If you have other issues, please contact us describing the problem in detail.

What is speech to text software?

A speech to text software is a speech recognition tool. By listening to your voice, it automatically recognizes what you are saying and simultaneously transcribes it into text. Using a voice recognition software, you can type faster and avoid typographical errors. Voice typing software provides live voice recording to text.

How to turn on speech to text?

To turn on our speech to text software you just need to click on the “Start Dictation” button and allow the program to access your microphone. The speech recognition software will then start listening to what you are dictating and it will start transcribing what you are saying.

How to use speech to text?

One way to use it is to open our free speech to text tool. Simply select the language that you want to be live transcribed and click on “start dictation”. Allow your browser to access your microphone and start dictating. The free voice dictation software will now start recognizing your voice and will simultaneously transcribe the dictation into text.

Is there any software that can convert speech to text?

Yes, our free online speech to text software is one of the applications that can convert speech to text. It's a free automatic tool that can be used without registration. You can use it on your computer, tablet or on your mobile.

What is speech to text technology?

Speech to text technology converts spoken words into text. The conversion from audio to text is done simultaneously and helps you to write quicker and to avoid typing errors and eventual distractions. The audio to text converter is one of the best solutions when you want to make a note of something. You can also use it as a free online voice recorder. No paper and pen is needed, you just need to have access to your favorite device and internet.

How to use voice to text?

Using the voice to text converter is easy, free and without registration.To use our audio to text converter, simply select the language you will speak. To translate voice to text, click on “start dictation” and allow the program to access your microphone. The live transcription will start immediately.

How to do voice to text?

You can turn on voice to text by clicking on the “start dictation” button and by allowing the system to access your microphone. You can then start speaking and the live transcription will start. What you’ll say will automatically be converted into text and it’ll appear on your screen.

What is speech recognition?

Speech recognition is a technology that recognizes your voice and that converts every word that you say into text. This helps you to type quicker and avoid typos. Our speech recognition software can be used by a large set of people as journalists, students, business workers, writers, etc.

How does speech recognition work?

After clicking on the button “start dictation”, the speech recognition system will send the sound recorded by your microphone to an external partner such as Google Text-to-Speech, IBM Watson Speech to Text, Microsoft's speech-to-text or Amazon Transcribe. The partner will then convert your speech into text and will send back the text transcription. This process is happening live, this is why you can see the audio transcription directly on your screen. This is also why you need to be connected to the Internet to use this tool.

How to voice type?

You can voice type by using our free voice-to-text software. There is no need to download or to register any account. You just need to select the language you’ll speak, press the button “start dictation” and allow the site to access your microphone. As soon as it’s done, you will see that the words you’ve just pronounced are automatically typed into text.

How do I turn on voice typing?

Turning on this voice typing software is really easy. You just need to select the language, click on “start dictation” and allow the system to access your microphone. You will not need to download any application, to pay any fee or to register your email. Your transcription is happening live and is totally anonymous.

What does voice typing mean?

Voice typing means that you can type some text by using the sound of your voice instead of using your keyboard. Using your voice instead of your keyboard helps to avoid misspellings and inefficiencies.

How to talk to text?

Talk to text is easy. By finding the right online transcription tool, you can write your text by talking. Our online voice to text software can type what you dictate. Clicking on “Start dictation” and your dictation will be typed live on the screen.

How to turn on talk to text?

Wondering “How do i talk to text” ? By clicking on the button called “start dictation” and by allowing the software to access your microphone, you can turn on the talk to text system. Once these two initial steps have been completed, you can start dictating what you want to type and the system will automatically transcribe your voice into text.

What is live transcribe?

Live transcribe provides you instant captions of what you say. It uses speech recognition technology to turn your voice into text. Our live transcribe system offers you live transcriptions. Your voice is transcribed into text on the spot.

How to use live transcribe?

Two elements are needed to use our live transcription software. You need to have a microphone and an internet connection. Click on “start dictation” to enable the live transcription process. Start talking and the tool will instantly transcribe what you say.

How does speak to text work?

Speak to text tools listen to your voice and automatically transcribe the words that you’ve spoken into words into text. This process is done in real time. It’s free and doesn’t require any registration. To start using the tool, simply click on “Start dictation” button.

Can I convert speech to text?

Yes, you can. Converting speech to text is easy. Turn on our voice to text tool, select the language you’ll speak and start dictating what you want to be written on the screen. You also have the opportunity to add the punctuation just by saying “point” or by saying “comma” for example.

How can I turn on voice to text?

To turn on voice to text just press on the button “start dictation”, allow the system to register and grant access to your microphone. You can then start talking loud. The system will hear what you are saying and automatically write the words on the screen.

How can I type with my voice?

You can type with your voice by opening our voice to text tool. Click on “start dictation”, grant the access to your microphone and you will start transcribing your voice into text.

Is speech to text free?

Our speech to text is free and doesn’t require any registration. You only need to have a good internet connection available and a microphone. You can use Speech to text from anywhere, from your computer, your tablet or your phone.

How to get the transcription of an audio file?

To get the transcription of an audio file, simply sign up to our transcription software AudioScripto.

Once logged in, select the language of your audio file and upload it. A few minutes later, once the audio file has been transcribed, you will be alerted by email that your transcription is ready. You can immediately download the transcription of your audio file.

How to make a transcript of an audio file?

To make a transcript of an audio file simply register to our transcription software AudioScripto.

Select the language of your audio file and upload it. Once the file has been uploaded, the transcription will start. You will receive an email a few minutes later informing you that your audio file has been transcribed and that the transcription is ready.

Who can transcribe audio or video files?

There are several companies that offer transcription services or tools that can transcribe audio or video files into text.
It can be done manually or automatically. The choice between both options will depend on your needs.

Is automatic transcription better than human transcription services?

It actually depends on your needs but automatic transcriptions have some advantages vs human transcriptions.

An automatic transcription tool like AudioScripto :

  • Is faster than a human : upload your file, wait a few minutes and receive the transcription of your audio or video file,
  • Will complete the transcription almost instantly : you are sure that the transcription will be completed within the deadline,
  • Is cheaper than human transcriptions,
  • Avoid human errors: you avoid the uncertainty of choosing the wrong person for the job.

Despite the fact that human transcription is much slower than automated transcription tools, the quality of the transcription is supposed to be better than the automated transcription. But this depends on the person that is transcribing your audio or video files. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the quality of automated transcription gets better every single day!