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Full stop, Period .
Comma ,
Semicolon ;
Colon :
Dash, Hyphen -
Question mark ?
Exclamation mark, Exclamation point !
Opened parenthesis (
Closed parenthesis )
Space, Whitespace
New line, Enter
New paragraph ↵↵

Speech Synthesis Tool

This utility is a text synthesizer. What does it mean? It means that you can just type or copy/paste some text and the system will say it.

It has the following features:

  • Free and online
  • No downloads, installation or registration. Cross-platform
  • Multi-language support. Support for male/female voices
  • Natural-sounding speech
  • Ability to read very long pieces of text
  • You can pause or stop speaking
  • You can change volume, speed and pitch parameters
  • Ability to save text as an audio file (for this, you need to turn on your microphone: the system will say the text and capture the audio), the quality is medium.

Whom is this tool for?

This tool is for people who:

  • want to read, but don't have time and/or ability. Simply paste the text and click the play button
  • don't like reading, but want to enrich their knowledge
  • want to listen to podcast written texts (interesting articles or books) while working or driving.

The website is adapted to the needs of people who are blind or vision-impaired. Using Tab, you can change between buttons, and the browser will say the name of every button. Synthesizing can be initiated with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D.


  • No speech. First of all, check your speakers and volume. Also the voice might be unavailable for the given volume/speed/pitch. Simply adjust your options.
  • The browser doesn't support speech synthesis (latest versions of Chrome and Safari do support it)
  • There are issues with your microphone (when saving as an audio file)
    • Hardware issues with the microphone
    • Permission required for accessing the microphone
    • The browser listens to the wrong microphone

To solve microphone permission issues, click on the small camera icon in the browser's address bar (will appear after you click on the play button), set there the permission to allow the use of microphone and pick the correct microphone from the dropdown list.

If you have other issues, just try to reload your browser a couple of times or contact us describing the problem in detail.