Online Voice Recorder

Click on the microphone icon to start recording

Free Online Voice Recorder: Record any sound & download the audio file

Want to easily record some sound? Our free Online Audio Recorder allows you to record your voice, a conversation or any sound using your microphone. You can use our audio recording software on your computer, on your tablet or on your mobile.

Record your voice, select the part of the recording you want to keep and download the audio file for free. Simple and versatile, it’s said to be the best online voice recorder.

How to record any sound using our Online Audio Recorder?

  1. Click on the microphone icon to start recording,
  2. Allow your browser to access your microphone,
  3. Start talking, or make a sound.

Why should you use our Online Voice Recorder?

It's accurate, easy-to-use, and completely free. Our Voice Recorder can record any type of sound: single voice, conversation, music or custom-made audio. Once you’ve recorded the sound and selected the part you want to keep, simply export your audio file and download it for free in WAV format.

It's so easy to use. This makes it an excellent solution for anyone who wants to record a conversation and listen back to the audio file afterwards.

Which features does this Online Recorder Software offer?

  • Free and online
  • No need to register or install software
  • Easily crop and save the part of the recording you want to keep
  • Save your audio file in WAV format easily and free of charge
  • Pause or stop the recording as needed

What are the benefits of an Online Audio Recorder?

There are countless benefits to recording and saving audio. For example:

How many conversations, phone calls, courses or meetings did you wish you could re-listen to? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily record them in the future? Then you can listen again using the exported audio files.

Taking notes while you talk can be difficult and inefficient. Your concentration is divided between writing, listening and speaking at the same time, which can lead to mistakes.

Using an online recorder allows you to focus on your conversation or meeting, knowing you can listen back to the audio whenever you like. Being more present in the conversation can help to avoid misunderstandings.

A great idea pops into your mind. You don’t have time to explore it, and you don’t have a pen and paper to write it down. An Online Voice Recorder allows you to record your thoughts and save your WAV file to come back to later.

What exactly is an Online Voice Recorder?

An Online Recorder, also known as an Audio Recorder or Sound Recorder, is technology that records any sound that is produced.

These tools are very easy to use. Just click on the microphone icon, allow your browser to use the microphone of the device you’re on, and start to speak, sing or produce a sound. Thanks to the export feature, you can quickly save and download the audio which can be saved as a WAV file.

Who uses an Online Recorder?

Audio Recorder tools are perfect for anyone who is looking to easily record audio without having to buy or install software. It can be used by students, busy professionals, musicians, and more.

An Online Recorder can make life easier for those who want to record important conversations, or avoid multitasking when taking notes. It can also help those who simply enjoy the convenience of not having to type or write out their thoughts.

Since our software is intuitive to use and freely accessible to anyone, you can easily save your audio recording and listen to it again anytime you want to.


The following problems might occur:

  • Failure to pick up sound: Make sure your computer has detected the microphone you want to use.
  • Permission for accessing the microphone is not granted: Click on the small microphone icon in the browser's address bar (this will appear after you click on the icon to start dictation). Here you can change the permission to allow the use of the microphone.
  • The browser picks up the wrong microphone: Access the permission settings (see above) and select the correct microphone from the dropdown list.

If you have other issues, please contact us describing the problem in detail.

Security & privacy

The security of your information and the protection of your privacy are our absolute priority. Your recorded audio is accessible only to you and is not saved on our servers.

How to turn on the Online voice Recorder?

Turning on the Audio Recorder is easy. Simply click on the microphone icon and start making the sound you want to record. Click the stop button once you have finished. Our Online Recorder will allow you to download the WAV file.

No registration or payment is necessary, it’s completely free. Try it now!

How to enable the Audio Recorder?

The online recorder is very easy to use. Click on the microphone icon. When prompted, allow our sound recorder to access your microphone, and start speaking. Try it now, it’s free!

Can I save an online audio recording as a file?

Saving your online audio recording is easy. Once you have finished recording your audio, select the section of the audio that you want to export. Then, click save to download the file to your device.

Can I crop and download a section of my online recording?

Yes. Once you’ve finished recording, choose the audio section you want to keep by moving the selector on the audio waves. Then, click save to download the file to your device.