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The audio to text transcription software works for RAM files and can handle the transcription for more than 70 languages.

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A RAM transcription, also called audio transcription, is a text version of all the words spoken in your audio file.

Journalists, video makers, private individuals, students, etc...

Transcribing a RAM to text may be useful in certain situations, as:

  • You don’t have enough time to re-listen to the full RAM file; you can quickly transcribe it and read it,
  • You need to summarize or memorize the RAM; having it automatically converted into text helps you to spend less time and to easily memorize the text.

Yes, you can transcribe a RAM file into text with AudioScripto : our online transcription service.
The software is accurate and easy to use. Only 3 steps are required to register to the service and to get your transcription by email in a few minutes.

AudioScripto is a service based on Artificial Intelligence, this ensures high quality and a continuous improvement of the accuracy and speed of the transcriptions.